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The cultivation of fruits in the open field has an index of vulnerability to a certain variety of seasonal or migratory birds (nectarivorous - frugivorous) during the development of the tree, in the period of flowering and in the cycle of the same fruit to reach maturation according to the region and season of the year. This is why many farmers are using different methods to protect their fruits from bird prey.


The mesh size is designed so that the birds do not eat the fruit or crop while allowing the optimal passage of light, air and pollination. These reduce the use of chemicals and the indiscriminate killing of these predators being the best solution in an efficient and ecological way.


It is also used as protection for fish ponds and urban areas (warehouses, buildings, monuments, aircraft hangars, high ceilings, etc.) against the presence of birds that make their nests and leave debris. As another alternative, the “Marca León” ® Bird nets can be used as an enclosure in parks and / or sports fields.




Protect the fruits of predators!

Uses and applications of bird nets

  1. Protection for agriculture, floriculture, fruit growing and fish farming.
  2. Protects against predators (birds and bats).
  3. Prevents predators devour crops in their flowering and production stage.
  4. It is also used in enclosures of tilaperas and shrimp pools.
  5. It facilitates the collection and treatments.
  6. It is installed as a divider mesh in feeders for birds, pigs, calves, etc.

Technical      specifications

Manufactured with additives and UV filters to give it a long life because it prevents the degradation of the fabric due to the sun's rays.


  • Made of high density polyethylene (Imported from the USA) stabilized to give it greater resistance to the weather.
  • Manufactured in ultra-calibrated round mono-filament to give greater resistance to external agents.


Polyethylene fibers, due to their great chemical inertia, are resistant to chemicals used in agriculture.



The width is determined by the maximum stretch (however, when stretched wide, it contracts along the length), so you should always consider acquiring between 15% - 20% more than the desired length. The edges of the mesh are reinforced and finished to prevent the movement of the threads in addition to facilitating their installation and tensioning.



(type of fabric)

Sizes (width)

sizes (height)


Simple *

Reinforced: Double Thread *

Ultra-reinforced: Triple Thread *

2 m

4 m

6 m

13.5 m

20 m

117 m


* Opening of 2 cm X 2 cm

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