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Avoid pesticides harmful to the crop

The anti-aphid and anti-insect mesh "Marca León" ® are very tight fabrics that guarantee protection against different kinds of viruses (aphids, thrips, white mosquitoes, etc.) that seriously affects crops and vegetables through shade houses and greenhouses, protecting your crops and investment from insects and possible pests, reducing the risk of diseases and allowing a rapid and controlled response to phytosanitary and nutrition treatments.


They are meshes with a 5 year guarantee against solar degradation, recommended for the propagation of mother plants, nursery, intensive horticultural production and floriculture.

Reduce the use of harmful insecticides

Uses and applications of antiaphid mesh

  1. Protection for agriculture, floriculture, fruit growing and aquaculture.
  2. Greater control of light, temperature and humidity.
  3. Reduces application of insecticide and chemical products, herbicide and pesticide treatments, achieving healthier crops.Protection against predators (birds and bats).
  4. Prevents the fall of fruits, loss of foliage, tearing of the stems and breakage of buds.
  5. Recommended for propagation of mother plants, nursery, intensive horticultural production and floriculture.

Technical      specifications

Manufactured with additives and UV filters to give it a long life because it prevents the degradation of the fabric due to the sun's rays.


  • Made of high density polyethylene (Imported from the USA) stabilized to give it greater resistance to the weather.
  • Manufactured in ultra-calibrated round mono-filament to give greater resistance to external agents.


Polyethylene fibers, due to their great chemical inertia, are resistant to chemicals used in agriculture.


sizes (width)

sizes (height)

Construction threads x cm² | threads x inch²




Bicolour *

3.60 m

100 m

200 m

10 x 10 | 25 x 25

16 x 16 | 40 x 40

16 x 10 | 40 x 25

20 x 10 | 50 x 25


* Color Black and Crystal

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