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Clothes line       "MARCA LEÓN" ®

The "Marca León" ® mooring cable is made of 100% virgin polyethylene multifilaments with an ultraviolet filter that guarantees its useful life for 5 years (or up to twice the time) against solar degradation. It does not stain, does not oxidize and is resistant to abrasion.


Made with High Density Polyethylene, Imported (USA).

Durable and durable domestic use, 5 year warranty against UV rays.

Uses and Presentations

It was designed as a cable to hang clothes, since it is made of ropes that facilitate its handling, however it is a versatile cable and you can use it to fix, hold or tie anything, both outdoors and indoors.


Performance m x kg


Blue, Red, Green, Yellow & Orange.

Green-black; Green-gray; Green white; Black-gray; Black White; White gray; & white.

4.5 mm - 161 m a

4.8 mm - 126 m b

5.5 mm - 100 m c

Bobbin of 10 kg.

Per piece (lengthy): 10 m y 15 m. *

* Cape of 4.8 mm (4 Capes)


a 2 Capes | b 4 Capes | c 2 Capes


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