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We are a Mexican company with proven prestige over 55 years. Our experience in the manufacture of high quality plastic agro-textile fabrics has allowed us to position ourselves among the main manufacturers in Mexico of protective mesh (for domestic, agricultural, livestock use, etc.); and strengthen ourselves with the main hardware stores and farmers nationwide; because our "Marca León" products have always been recognized for their excellent quality.

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All our staff is trained and oriented to provide efficient and accessible solutions. We have a quality assurance laboratory and a research and development department that designs new products to meet the specific present and future needs of our customers worldwide.

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Since 1965, our Plastic Mosquito Net "Marca León" ® has characterized and differentiated us as a superior quality company, which until today is manufactured with first-class materials, as well as our entire product line, guaranteeing a useful life for many years.


Our objective is customer satisfaction, which makes us different from the competition and the reason for their preference, counting on the best human team in the sector, greater talent involved with the greatest possible effort, led with perfectly defined and established goals to obtain high labor productivity and financial strength.


Contribute to the well-being and transcendence of society and the countryside through environmentally friendly solutions that safeguard: goods, animals, people, families, homes and crops; creating safe, adequate, healthy and protected environments that favor to improve the quality of life and the yield of the crops.


To be an outstanding company recognized for the high quality of its products and for the trust of customers and suppliers, always taking care of the progress of its work team.